Viktor Orban does not want a “French leadership of Europe, paid by German money”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stressed the importance of the forthcoming European elections to redefine the dynamics of the EU and its main guidelines, particularly on the issue of immigration.

“We have never had such decisive elections in the past”: Questioned by the German newspaper Bild on 26th July on the upcoming European elections, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stressed the importance they would have for future of the continent.

According to the Hungarian leader, the European peoples will indeed have the opportunity to redefine the leadership they want for the EU, which he hopes will be far from the current dynamic. “There is a French concept that basically means: French leadership of Europe, paid by German money,” said Viktor Orban, adding that he rejected this idea. “We do not want a Europe under French leadership […]. Europeans must make themselves heard and we must await the European elections before making important decisions,” he continued, citing as key points the budget but also immigration.

On this last issue, the conservative leader also stressed that his people would drive him out of power the same day he would try to introduce a migration policy similar to that of Angela Merkel.

“As a people who have been under occupation for decades, Hungarians are very sensitive to their national independence,” said the man who leads the challenger front on this issue inside the EU, which raises its voice especially through the Visegrad group.