Sargentini Report: what’s next? Consequences and analysis of the votes

Sargentini Report: what’s next? Consequences and Analysis of the votes

Vote on the Sargentini report: Hungarian government denounces electoral fraud – populists behind Orbán – Jobbik abstains – Kurz loses Orbán

Among the defections inflicted on Orbán, that of the Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz is one of those which surprised the most. What are the reasons? Loyalty to the EPP, orders from Berlin, or willing to move away from the embarrassing figure of Orbán.

In any case, Othmar Karas, head of the Austrian delegation of the ÖVP (the conservative Austrian party of Chancellor Kurz) was straightforward: “Our Europe is that of Juncker, not that of Orbán.” Othmar Karas also favored the suspension of Fidesz from the EPP.