No matter where he goes: Salvini is celebrated like a superstar

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who keeps his campaign promise to radically oppose the catastrophic migration policies of its predecessors, is euphorically welcomed by citizens wherever he appears.

The video footage comes from the central Italian city of Viterbo, where Matteo Salvini – defamed by the German media as a “xenophobic right-wing populist” – attended the weekend Macchina di Santa Rosa celebrations and was surrounded by Italians who shot with him selfies and cheered him. An scene that repeats itself at virtually every public appearance since its election.

Seehofer after Chemnitz: “Mother of all problems is migration”

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has described migration as the “mother of all problems”.
He showed understanding for the demonstrators in Saxony.
The remarks are said to have been made during a closed-door meeting of the CSU regional group in Neuhardenberg in Brandenburg.

Steve Bannon sees “revolution” coming in the US

Steve Bannon sieht “Revolution” in den USA kommen

The right-wing populist and former chief strategist of US President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, expects a “revolution” in the US. “If you do not ensure that the wealth is somehow distributed, there will be a revolution in the country,” says Bannon in a documentary film that premiered Wednesday at the Venice Film Festival. “We will have another financial crisis – anyone who is smart sees them coming.”

Murder in Chemnitz: Merkel contradicts Kretschmer

Chancellor Angela Merkel has reiterated her condemnation of the riots and protests in Chemnitz and also spoke a word of power in the direction of Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. “We saw pictures that clearly showed the hatred and persecution of innocent people, and that’s something we have to distance ourselves from – that’s what Mr. Seibert did, and what I did, and that’s all,” Merkel said in Berlin.

VOX Málaga: Whoever is in favor of illegality is an accomplice to a crime

Viktor Orbán “European leaders are ignoring the people, people do not want illegal immigrants.”
We say the same thing; ILLEGAL? Whoever is in favor of illegality is an accomplice to a crime and therefore an offender.

Belgium: 64% of asylum seekers lie about their origin

A situation like setting the fox to keep the geese! Although rumors were heard, people had no exact numbers. One thing was for sure: among the asylum seekers in Belgium, fraud was the order of the day. Today it is the immigration office itself that admits that 2 out of 3 asylum seekers lie about their true background.

This information comes from the Flemish newspaper De Tijd, but it should be disseminated by the entire Belgian press, especially the French-speaking media: it is the answer to a parliamentary question by Secretary of State Francken, i.e. a fully official information.