‘Pure Ideology & Unfair Competition’: Lavrov Slams US Claims About Nord Stream 2


Earlier on July 11, the US president harshly criticized Berlin during his breakfast with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the US Embassy in Brussels, claiming it’s inappropriate that Germany was “making massive oil and gas deals with Russia,” adding that “Germany is totally controlled” by Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in the RT interview to Larry King that Trump’s threats to impose sanctions on companies participating in the Nord Stream 2 had no economic basis.

“United States Secretary Mr [Rick] Perry said that the North Stream 2 pipeline must be stopped and those European companies participating in this project would be sanctioned by the United States because the United States is for competition, Russian authoritarian gas is supposed to be worse than the democratic American gas, then I am awfully sorry, but this is not economy, this is not competition, this is pure ideology,” the minister said.

NCA: 700,000 Migrants in Libya Waiting to Board Boats to Europe


Europe’s problems with criminal trafficking gangs and illegal immigration are getting worse, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has warned, just days after the United Nations (UN) claimed that boat arrivals were “necessary” for the continent.

Criminal networks are making profits of up to £6 billion a year from charging would-be migrants, the majority of whom are from Africa, said Tom Dowdall, the agency’s deputy director of organised immigration crime.

According to the Daily Mail, the crime agency chief reported that attempted crossings to Spain and Italy have risen 75 per cent from last year while the Italian government’s crackdown on NGO boats has resulted in a “bottleneck” of 700,000 migrants currently in Libya who are waiting to get to Europe.

Immigration in Europe: the fundamental reasons of the rejection front


In 2017, the European countries granted asylum to 538.000 migrants. The continent does not consist in a monolithic bloc on this issue. There are significant differences between the Western European and the Central and Eastern European countries. So Germany granted asylum to 325.370 migrants, what represents 3945 persons per million inhabitants in Germany. Austria follows very close with 3865 persons (per million inhab.) and Sweden lays by 3125 persons (per million inhab.). At the bottom of the table, we find Slovakia that granted asylum to 10 persons per million inhabitants as well as Czechia and Poland with the figure of 15 per million inhabitants. Of course, there are much more applications for asylum in Germany, in Austria and in Sweden than in the Central European countries, but they are obviously less lenient and more picky than the others while examining a claim for asylum.

How to prevent a mosque in a residential area?


In Vöcklabruck (Upper Austria) a 7-year long fight was raging between the Bosnian operators of a so-called “mosque association” (a construct which actually has been forbidden by the 2015 Austrian law on Islam)  and the neighbors who were annoyed by the massive noise emissions during Friday prayers and especially at night during Ramadan festivities. The neighbors argued that “something like that” can not be allowed in a pure residential area.

After several administrative procedures up to the highest court, in which the neighbors prevailed, now also the municipal council of the municipality Vöcklabruck showed its approval and dismissed a move to reclassify the property in question as a “culture and prayer house” , following an objection by the neighbors which can be read here. (in German)


Austria Ready to Protect Its Borders if German Migrant Deal Becomes Gov’t Policy


Austria, which is currently holding rotating presidency in the EU, warned that it is prepared to take measures for the protection of the country’s southern borderwith Slovenia and Italy if the agrrement on the migration issue in Germany becomes government policy.

According to the Austrian government, if the deal reached on Monday between Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is endorsed by the government, “we will be obliged to take measures to avoid disadvantages for Austria and its people.”

Show fight Merkel – Seehofer just a distraction for fatal change of Dublin III by the EU Council ?

www.epochtimes.de/politik/europa/schaukampf-merkel-seehofer-als-ablenkung-fuer-fatale-aenderung-von-dublin-iii-im-eu-rat-asylantrag-erst-bei-erreichen-des-gewuenschten- ziellandes-a2483421.html

Is everything just a diversion and waiting maneuver? With Dublin III, the country of first entry will no longer be responsible for the asylum procedure, but the EU country that has been chosen by the asylum seeker himself. He can declare his choice immediately after entering European soil.

It is not the oath of office, but rather the ideology of George Soros that determines the policy of Ms. Merkel.

Viktor Orbán Expects a New Global Financial Crisis

Viktor Orbán Expects a New Global Financial Crisis

This makes us understand better the medium-term stakes of Viktor Orbán’s policy of Eastern Opening (notably to the Silk Road): if Germany were to lose the ongoing financial and commercial war, the big German groups could, under political pressure, try to save their German settlements by repatriating part of the production so far de-localized in its central European hinterland – in which case countries like Hungary and Poland would have to choose between a galloping budget deficit (because of the collapse of their trade balance) and a reorientation (actually already happening) of their imports of goods and capital – which, eventually, will inevitably also pose the problem of their geopolitical loyalty – whose sole real guarantor, at the moment, seems to be the obsession with a Russian threat, which possesses (for understandable reasons) the Baltic states, as well as, at various degrees (and for more questionable reasons) Poland and Romania.

AfD Calls for Creation of ‘Fortress Europe’ With Kurz, Orban


The right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has pushed for a stricter migrant policy within Europe, outlining its potential allies on the European scene.

During the party congress in Augsburg, Bavaria, AfD Chairman Jörg Meuthen took aim at multiculturalism, which he slammed as a “quixotic ideology,” calling for a new refugee policy in Europe, one he described as “Fortress Europe.”

“Multiculturalism is the great ideological fallacy of the early 21st century, and with a closer look, the realization comes what time has proven this alien ideology and utopia to be,” he said, according to the Upper Austrian News.