Exposed: EU & Spain complicit in Europe’s new migration catastrophe

Exposed: EU & Spain complicit in Europe’s new migration catastrophe

A local member of the Civil Guard in Algercias approached Westmonster, and claimed the Spanish Government has been working with human traffickers to smuggle migrants from the Moroccan coast, “they aren’t taking the people from the middle of the sea, they are going to the Moroccan waters because the migrants take their phones and put their coordinates to Tarifan [human] traffickers.

“Then Tarifan traffickers call to the people of Salvamento Maritimo [Spanish Search and Rescue] and they go over there to the Moroccan seas.”

Westmonster approached both the Spanish Government and centre-right People’s Party for an interview, however, both declined the opportunity.

Vilimsky apologizes to the Hungarian people

Vilimsky apologizes to the Hungarian people

“In the European Parliament, an ominous alliance of the Left, Greens, Socialists, Communists, Liberals and, unfortunately, the European People’s Party has just given all of Hungary a kick in the butt, for which one can only apologize to the Hungarian people.”

Traitors in politics and the spirit of Chemnitz  

By Frédéric Sirgant, Professor of History

It is no coincidence that, in Chemnitz, one of the slogans very often taken up by the demonstrators is that of “high treason” by Merkel, being responsible for allowing more than one million migrants to enter, with consequences that Germany discovers day by day. According to the Mannheimer Morgen, more than a thousand complaints of high treason have been officially filed against the Chancellor since 2015. Of course, Frauke Köhler, spokeswoman for the Karlsruhe Federal Prosecutor’s Office, said in 2017 that “the complaints against the Chancellor have all been unfounded”.

Nevertheless, the concept of treason is making its way into the minds of Europeans at the base. Not of anecdotal political betrayal, but of high treason. Committed by the people at the top. While Justice may well decide that it has no basis, the East Germans have been sufficiently scalded by history to know what the justice of an era and a regime was worth.

Indeed, if history would not take place as Justice and these leaders imagine, if, for example, mass attacks like those of Bataclan, rapes and knife killings were multiplying in Europe, if a financial crash happened – and these “ifs” are not catastrophic but realistic – there is no doubt that the spirit of Chemnitz would expand, a spirit of revolt against leaders who caused this situation and are unable to control it. Who can seriously say today that the European scenario does not contain powerful germs of aggravation? It only remains to be hoped that this revolt will take place at the polls, as has happened in several European countries. This would be a striking proof of an unexpected vitality of European identity.

Willy Wimmer on threat of war and Manfred Weber

According to Willy Wimmer, ex-Secretary of State of the German Minister of Defense, the hope for peace hangs is only hanging by a thread in the face of Washington’s and London’s belligerence. Skripal and Syria should provide the excuse for this.

What one is capable of in political Berlin shows the candidacy of Mr. Manfred Weber, the top man of the EPP, to the EU Council Presidency. Nobody makes a secret any longer of the fact that a major cause of Brexit lies in political Berlin. With Chancellor Angela Merkel the recipe for success of German post-war politics was abandoned, which was to respect neighbors. The Merkel-triggered migration to Europe had a prominent advocate in Mr. Weber. With him as EU President from Germany, is it planned to serve Europe or rather the system of Berlin’s rule which operates as the European appendix of the Washington War Alliance?

Swedish Social Democrats’ struggle for relevance

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven hopes to arrest declining support for his center-left party.

Ahead of an election in Sweden on Sunday, the Social Democrats are scrambling to avoid both their worst result in a century and another blow to Europe’s center left, which also took a battering in ballots in Germany, France and Italy — often to the benefit of the far right.

Charges against Merkel and Seibert because of Chemnitz

As of today, a complaint has been filed with the prosecutor at Chemnitz against Chancellor Angela Merkel and government spokesman Steffen Seibert. Allegation: False suspicion (Article 164 of the German Penal Code). This can result in a prison sentence of up to five years.