Orban: We build a new era

Orban: We build a new era

In a keynote speech, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that every European country has the right to protect its Christian culture and the traditional family model, as well as the right to reject immigration.

Addressing a forum at the 29th Balvanyos Summer University in Baile Tusnad (Tusnadfurdo), in central Romania, on Saturday, Orban set out five principles that were necessary for central Europe to occupy a “worthy place” in Europe.

The Hungarian PM said every European country had the right to protect its Christian culture and to reject “the ideology of multiculturalism”. Also, the traditional family model and the principle that “every child has the right to a mother and a father” must be upheld, he said. Further, central European countries have the right to protect their nationally strategic sectors and markets. Orban said, moreover, that countries have a fundamental right to defend their borders and to reject immigration.

The principle of “one nation, one vote” on the most important issues should be insisted upon, he said, adding that this principle cannot be bypassed in the EU. “We central Europeans hold that there is life beyond globalisation and that central Europe follows the path of an alliance of free nations,” the prime minister said.