Immigration: for the Dalai Lama, Europe belongs to the Europeans 

By Philippe Kerlouan

“Europe belongs to the Europeans,” said the Dalai Lama on Wednesday in Sweden, adding that if it is necessary to help “a refugee whose life is really in danger”, it is also desirable that the refugees eventually return home “to rebuild their own country”.

In someone else’s mouth, these words would have aroused indignation. But they were uttered by the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, himself exiled, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1989.

What’s more, the Dalai Lama is a recidivist. Already in 2016, in an interview with the German newspaper FAZ, he spoke of the migratory crisis in these terms: “When we look at the faces of each refugee, especially children and women, we feel their suffering, and a human being who is seeking better living conditions. We have the responsibility to help them. But, on the other hand, there are already too many now. The Dalai Lama pointed out that “Europe, Germany in particular, can not become an Arab country. Germany is Germany”.