Dr. Norbert van Handel on Emmanuel Macron

Excerpt from: newsradar24.info/dr-norbert-van-handel-politisches-telegramm-122/

Emmanuel Macron is increasingly becoming the unguided missile in the EU.
On the one hand, he wanted Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the most left-leaning senior members of the 68 generation, to become Minister of the Environment, which the latter rejected, on the other hand, he sees the entire Visegrad group as his opponents.
This will dramatically increase explosive power in the EU.
Macron is increasingly becoming a European alien.
Rainhard Kloucek, as always true-to-the-facts, has clearly stated in Paneuropa Zeitung 04/2018 on page 26:
“Especially one should assume that liberal politicians want to reduce tariffs. But who was it who made immediate and negative comments about the tariff reduction policy and announced his resistance? Emmanuel Macron, the president of France. Now it is well known that French politics is extremely statist and protectionist. In that sense, Macron’s reaction is not surprising. But isn’t it amazing that the Liberals consider Emmanuel Macron to be Europe’s great hope? The hope of the Liberals volunteers as a spearhead of protectionism!”
It’s no wonder that Macron’s popularity has dropped to 31 percent. It is even worse than that of its predecessor Hollande, who reached 32 percent at the same time during his presidency.

Dr. Norbert van Handel
Steinerkirchen a.d. Traun (Upper Austria), 14.09.2018


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