Excepté Atlantico et Claude Askolovitch, black-out des médias français sur une série de meurtres en Allemagne

On April 16, 2018, L’Observatoire du journalisme (OJIM) published an article on the almost non-existent media coverage in France about German demonstrations against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migration policy. A series of murders and raids were the trigger for this. Until recently, these criminal cases, including the murder of the young Jewish German Susanna Feldmann by the Iraqi Ali Bashar, were studiously ignored in France, although – or rather because – they were one of the keys to understand the reversal of a good part of German public opinion against their own government. A columnist from the news agency Atlantico and the journalist Claude Askolovitch of France Inter in his press review on 19 June were “surprised” by the silence of the French media on this topic.

But it is an everyday fact: the French mainstream media are silent or conceal as far as possible their coverage of events and news that could trigger “populism”.