How the media invent a state of emergency

Wie man den Ausnahmezustand herbei schreibt

An interview in Deutschlandfunk with the editor-in-chief of the left-wing “Freie Presse”, Torsten Kleditztsch, who said that the journalists on site could not see any manhunts, led to the collapse of a media campaign claiming “neo-Nazis chasing foreigners” in Chemnitz. The campaign was originally triggered by a fake video that was circulated in the Internet. But there is no evidence to this day. No videos, no testimonies, no police reports about “assaults on migrants”…

Schleswig-Holstein: Displeasure over criminal asylum seekers is growing

The displeasure among the citizens in a Schleswig-Holstein community is growing. Despite a ban on access, some migrants try again and again to steal in the supermarkets. Now the police considers the introduction of a points system.

Demonstrations in Chemnitz

After the violent death of the German Daniel H. and subsequent right-wing protests in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, the AfD and the PEGIDA Alliance plan to demonstrate together in the city. On Saturday there will be a silent march through Chemnitz. Already on Thursday there will be another demonstration.

“Together, we want to mourn Daniel H. and all the dead of forced multiculturalization of Germany,” says a call for the demonstrations published on the Facebook page of AfD Saxony. The call is signed by AfD chairmen Jörn Urban (Saxony), Björn Höcke (Thuringia) and Andreas Kalbitz (Brandenburg). All three are expected to attend the rally.

The wind is turning, EU policy before collapse & nbsp;

Public opinion in Europe is turning and people on the continent “are fed up with Brussels’ immigration policy,” Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács told M1 news channel Monday. Migration has become a matter of European democracy; the issue has created a gap between the left-wing elite maintaining its “utopian” pro-migration ideology and ordinary citizens with conflicting interests, Zoltán Kovács told the broadcaster.

Freiburg: 20 “rioters” attack rail travelers with iron bars

The regional train had left the main station of Freiburg at 1.30 pm when, a few minutes later, according to the Federal Police, “a tangible dispute between several people” started. Up to 20 people are said to have been involved. Two groups of “three travelers” had been in dispute for reasons not yet known, more “travelers” had taken sides and interfered.

Wolfgang Kubicki blames Angela Merkel for the Chemnitz riots

Deputy FDP leader Wolfgang Kubicki has given Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) a share of the blame for the extreme right-wing attacks in Chemnitz. “The roots of the riots lie in the ‘We can do it’ policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel,” Kubicki told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany.