Who are the “traffickers of human beings” in Libya?

A report that is a little older but very interesting because it reveals what has never been revealed in the European mainstream press:


Libya, which participated Friday, March 16 in Niamey meeting on the fight against smuggling networks, had two days ago announced arrest warrants against 205 traffickers of human beings of Libyan and foreign nationality.

Among these traffickers are members of the organization fighting against illegal migration in Libya, a state agency, members of security services and leaders of migrant detention camps, said Al-Siddik al-Sour, the head of the investigation office at the Libyan prosecutor’s office. He also points out that high officials of African embassies in Libya who would be involved in this traffic.


Cf. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_trafficking_in_Libya (not a word here about the real “traffickers of human beings”)

Viktor Orban does not want a “French leadership of Europe, paid by German money”



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stressed the importance of the forthcoming European elections to redefine the dynamics of the EU and its main guidelines, particularly on the issue of immigration.

“We have never had such decisive elections in the past”: Questioned by the German newspaper Bild on 26th July on the upcoming European elections, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stressed the importance they would have for future of the continent.

According to the Hungarian leader, the European peoples will indeed have the opportunity to redefine the leadership they want for the EU, which he hopes will be far from the current dynamic. “There is a French concept that basically means: French leadership of Europe, paid by German money,” said Viktor Orban, adding that he rejected this idea. “We do not want a Europe under French leadership […]. Europeans must make themselves heard and we must await the European elections before making important decisions,” he continued, citing as key points the budget but also immigration.

On this last issue, the conservative leader also stressed that his people would drive him out of power the same day he would try to introduce a migration policy similar to that of Angela Merkel.

“As a people who have been under occupation for decades, Hungarians are very sensitive to their national independence,” said the man who leads the challenger front on this issue inside the EU, which raises its voice especially through the Visegrad group.

ESI chief favors refugee center in Spain and distribution to Germany, France and the Netherlands


The head of the European Stability Initiative (ESI), Gerald Knaus, has called on the German government to take the initiative in solving the European migration crisis. “I see an opportunity for a breakthrough right now, and we need a coalition of affected states to show what practical solutions can look like,” the migration researcher told the newspaper Welt.

The architect of the EU-Turkey Agreement on Refugee Policy said: “At present, more people are coming to Spain via the sea than to Italy, so why do not Germany, France and the Netherlands set up a reception center in Spain together with Madrid?” The model sketched by Knaus provides for swift asylum decisions “within a few weeks”. Recognized refugees would be distributed to Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands. “Anyone who is rejected would have to return immediately to their countries of origin.”



The European Stability Initiative e. V. (ESI) is a think tank based in Berlin with offices in Brussels, Istanbul and Vienna.

Sponsors include the Swedish Development Agency Sida, the Mercator Foundation, the Open Society Foundations of George Soros and the ERSTE Foundation. Former sponsors included the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Government of Sweden, the Open Society Institute, the Rockefeller Foundation, the European Commission, the Federal Foreign Office, the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Körber Foundation.

Maaßen urged Petry to party exclusion proceedings against Höcke


In her book “Inside AfD”, AfD drop-out Franziska Schreiber writes: “Frauke Petry called for Höcke’s resignation in December 2015 and prepared a party exclusion trial, which she did on urgent advice of the man charged with protecting the country against anti-constitutional enemies. The President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen sought contact with Frauke Petry.” Petry publicly denied this at Maaßen’s request, Schreiber said. “But in fact, the two met several times, and she spoke in my presence very benevolently about the meetings and him. The two seemed to have developed something like sympathy for each other.” Schneider was personally informed by Frauke Petry that Maaßen had instructed Petry what the AfD would have to do to avoid observation by the constitutional protection “which he himself wanted to avoid.”

“Fraud and Bribery”: Driving examiner talks about Turkish driving instructors


A driving test in Turkish? This is possible in Austria – at least until now. Transport Minister Norbert Hofer (FPÖ) wants to end this spectacle. But what’s really going on when examinations are done in a foreign language? Now a driving examiner talks.

In an interview with krone.at, the man whose name the editorial team has changed tells a story of “grievances, fraud and bribery”. The 50-year-old has been working as a driving examiner in Vienna for 18 years. “Everyone should have the same conditions,” he says. But this is definitely not the case, as Turkish candidates are privileged and often obtain the license without actually passing the exam.

He tells the story of a Turkish woman who has lived in Vienna for twelve years, takes a seat behind the steering wheel, but does not even understand his greeting in German. “How is she supposed to answer my questions?”, the examiner says angrily. But at Turkish driving schools in Vienna, driving instructors often act as interpreters during the exam. The examiner can not check whether answers given are correct or not: “They are simply ‘translated’.”

Survey: So bad were the values of the Union last at the beginning of the era Merkel


In a survey, CDU and CSU are predicted to hold only 29 percent. This is the lowest value since twelve years. FDP leader Christian Lindner makes Angela Merkel responsible for a political stalemate and as a consequence calls for a limitation of the terms of office of German Chancellors.

Security checks at airports: “Anti-terrorism measures are not mere services”


The federal police union warns against plans of the ministry of the interior to transfer the responsibility for security controls at airports to the airport operators and thus to private companies. “When it comes to counter-terrorism measures, security must come first, not profit maximization,” said union union leader Ernst Walter to ZEIT ONLINE. This could lead to the fact that the operators for the controls in the future select not the most reliable, but the most favorable service provider, so Walter. “Counter-terrorism measures are not just services that can be carried out by any company.” Safety is more important than speed.

Asylum dispute: Federal police considers border detention admissible


According to the Federal Police, the detention of illegally arriving migrants is legally permissible if they can not be rejected directly at the border. In a recent decree, the Federal Police Presidency refers to recent decisions of the Federal Court of Justice, “that in the case of the temporary reintroduction of border controls at the internal borders the rejection and thus also detention of rejected persons are admissible”.